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Residential Lake Shore Cleanup


Residents needing their lake shoreline cleaned of weeds can now contact Weedbusters and speak with Maryanne, the office manager.  Everyone on Lake Magdalene needs their own permit. If you call her,  she will tell you who to contact. She will be making a list of people who want their property done. The company will be offering a special discount to those residents who sign up for the shoreline clean up. She will need a copy of your permit sent to her via her email address which is  If you have any questions please feel free to call her at 727-942-2205.

Resource information:

Contact for applying for the permit is at:

Weedbusters website is:

Recently some residents have found gators in the lake near their homes.  To have a gator removed the homeowner must be the one to call the trappers if the gator comes within 100 feet of their house.  Once you have spotted the gator then you may call the trapper at 1 (866) 392-4286 to have them bait the gator for removal.  Your neighbor or someone living two doors down from you cannot be the one to call unless they have spotted it within 100 feet of their home and then they would have to call.  This is a free service

**In the interim A and B Aquatics is available for lake cleanup such as weeding, spraying and removal. Please contact Aaron Jackson at (813)239-7801 

Carp fencing will be installed in the coming weeks and when completed 800 carp will be released. 

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